In 1973, after serving 20 years in the Army including a two and one-half years tour in Vietnam, Joe Moody retired and said, "What next?"... This led to the beginning of his career in recreational games. His first endeavor was to put new life into the family owned recreational center which included ten billiard tables on which Joe honed his knowledge of maintaining quality playing equipment. After a year of dedicated commitment and many 16 hour work days, the business was thriving and Joe was ready for a new challenge. Recognizing the need for his talents in the retail world, he embarked upon a new career and Fayetteville Billiard supply had its beginning.

In 1974 he became a distributor for Gandy Industries that has continued
to the present.  In 1984, the Brunswick Billiard line was added to be followed by a distributorship for “Great American Coin and Game Tables and later the incomparable organization of Vitalie.

The showroom displays 40 tables… if owning a billiard table is your dream, it can be fulfilled at Fayetteville Billiard Supply… from the modest for your teenager’s game room to an heirloom piece gracing the most elaborate family recreation center.

Speaking of recreation rooms, Fayetteville Billiard Supply has it all. Everything from a replacement of anything on your foosball equipment (including the table) to a lovely hand-carved Vitalie bar (with billiard table to match, of course). Dart boards and all accessories, gaming tables and all accessories, chairs, stools, cabinets, racks… and did I mention the cues? Walls and cases of them… McDermott, Meucci, Predator, Joss, Schon, Cuetec, Viking … some collector’s items… you name it and Fayetteville Billiard has, or will get it for you.

NOW, enough about our product, let’s get to our most important commodity…OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT!!!

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